Beauty: How to Build Your Makeup Collection on a Budget

It can be super tempting to blow all of your hard-earned money on expensive makeup. It’s all perfectly packaged and it always promises to enhance your looks like never before! Truly addicting. But that’s why it’s important to know how to get your hands on discounted products. With these strategies, you can build your makeup collection on a budget. No prob.

1. Samples

Companies like Too Faced, Sephora, and MAC all gives samples with purchases. Be strategic! Purchase items you’ve researched and been saving for on sale days. Then pick samples that you’re interested in. Many samples have a good amount of product in them. If you really like something, you can keep an eye out for a good deal and buy it later! I sign up for emails with my favorite brands, and that way I always know about their good sales.

2. Beauty Subscriptions

Sign up for one or two beauty subscriptions and you’ll have a steady supply of both sample and regular sized products. I recommend Birchbox and Ipsy. They’re both only $10 a month, which is WAY less than you would be paying if you bought the items they supply individually. You can even sell or swap the makeup you don’t want. Great deal, if you ask me.

3. Blog Sales

Beauty blogs, such as The Sunday Girl sometimes want to get rid of beauty items that are unused or barely used, at discounted prices. Be on the lookout for these, and Makeup Addict Blog Sale also has great sales from bloggers. I haven’t made a purchase yet, but check back next month because I will be doing a haul and review!

3. Swapping

So this is definitely the most exciting option, in my opinion! Reddit currently has a popular subreddit for Makeup Exchanging. I haven’t tried this yet, but if you really want to build your collection for the cheap, check them out.

I would suggest swapping something low risk to start out with, and then working your way up!

4. Discount Sites

Makeup Mania has some great brands like Ben Nye, Graftobian, and Beauty Blender at discounted prices. Camera Ready Cosmetics also has Ben Nye and other great brands like Z Palette and Yaby, with some good discounts.

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School Daze: 7 Tips for a Great Freshman Year of College

You’re super excited for your freshman year of college, right? You can’t stop thinking about it, your heart beats faster when you imagine your first night, and you really just can’t wait. But you’re not sure how things are gonna go when you get there. You’re nervous! Don’t worry, everybody is nervous about their freshman year and I have some tips right here to make it go a little smoother for you:

1. Join an Organization

Student government, dance team, intramural sport, a sorority, or a fraternity. Just join something. If you can, join it before your first semester even starts! This is truly the best way to get to know people and start making friends. It also allows you to get a feel of what the social scene at your school is like. Even if you came with people you knew from high school, get involved and meet people.

This will also look really good on your resume and completely enrich your college experience. Try to find one or two orgs that you can commit some time to and go for a leadership position in your sophomore year.

2. Set Aside Study Time

7 tips for a Great Freshman Year of College, successful first year of college, tips for college girls

Let’s be honest here. The most exciting thing about college is the FREEDOM. No parents, no adults telling you what to do. Heck, you are an adult now…right? So you go to school, ready to party, ready to do whatever you want, eat what you want, stay out as late as you want. With no one to tell you any different! Fine, but please, please, please, just set aside some study time!

You will be so happy when you have a solid GPA to build on and you will HATE yourself if you screw the first year up. Don’t get me wrong, you can come back from it. But it’ll be hard. So use preventative measures and rock your first year GPA. And it’s really easy.

Make a schedule (whatever works best for you) and stick to it. I like to wake up a couple of hours before class, get breakfast and do my reading before class actually starts. Then I just do a couple study/classwork sessions with my friends every week. Easy. And I still have time to party, go to events, go to lunch with my bestie, attend club meetings, whatever!

3. Try to Go Shopping After You Get There

You really won’t know what you need until after you get on campus. Sure, get the basics before you move in, but try to wait for the rest. When I first got to college, I had a ton of jeans and just really impractical stuff for the August/September weather. And you don’t know what you’ll be doing or what it’ll actually be like until you get there. That goes for your room as well, buy the necessities and basics (and food), but wait to get anything else.

If you can’t wait, here’s my suggested list for both clothes and your room.


Lots of shorts (or jeans if you’re going somewhere cold)
Yoga Pants (don’t bring the ugly sweats, EVERYONE will see them)
Tanks and Tees
Dresses (both party and casual)
Tennis Shoes (you’ll wanna work out eventually)
Flats (please don’t wear heels to class)
Jackets (layering is the best policy in college)

For Your Room:

All the Basics (sheets, mini-fridge, microwave, tv, toiletries, etc.)
Kleenex (you’ll need it, for one reason or the other)
Storage (plastic drawers and bins work really well)
Curtains (you’ll get so sick of all that sun while you’re trying to sleep)
Closet System (Like Hanger Cascader or Huggable Hangers)
Decorations (work this out with your roomie)

4. Chill Out

Sit back and observe things for a while before you get too crazy. I understand if your natural instinct is to lead, but trust me. You will do much better if you just take a semester to establish yourself and get to know the environment around you. Don’t rush to make a name for yourself!

The reason I say this is because there’s this weird mentality that practically every freshman enters college with. It’s almost as if you think you need to make up for all the time you spent not being free. So you go crazy! You want to fit in, you may even want people to know your name. You want to hear about the best parties, be in on it all. But seriously, just calm down. You have 4-6 year to make this happen.

And honestly, it’s just not a good look! I only tell you this because you need to know :)

5. Be Really Nice to Your Roommate

Tips for a great freshman year of college, how to have a successful first year of college

If it is at all possible to have an awesome relationship with your roommate, DO IT. I’ve had a handful of bad roommate situations, and I’ve had a few good ones. Let me tell you that everything in life is so much better when you’re on great terms with your roommate.

Think about it, in college (unless you have an apartment), your room is like your house. Except, there’s no where else for you to go. There is one single room, and if you have a roommate, there is no where you can go to be alone. Yeah, there will be times your roommate isn’t there, but you don’t necessarily know when those times are.

So your best option is to be on super good terms with your roommate. That way, if you need to have someone over, or if you want to turn the lights off, or the air up, or put some music on, or one of the million other possible situations occurs; it’s not a problem.

My advice on how to make this happen is to be considerate, be generous, and don’t assume. Establish your habits and pet peeves when you first move in, then agree to accommodate each other as well as you can. If you can be generous with stuff like tissue and even food every once in a while. This makes for a positive environment! And perhaps most important of all, don’t assume!

Don’t assume that you can invite someone over, that you can eat their food, or that you can blare music in the mornings. Assumptions will piss your roommate off quicker than anything.

Also, this applies even if you’re rooming with your best friend. Actually, especially if you are! Keep your relationship tight and handle the roommate situation right ;)

6. Don’t Fall for Any Upperclassmen BS

For real guys and girls (especially girls), please do not fall for anything that sneaky 20-somethings are trying to pull over on you. This particularly applies to older guys trying to get over on freshmen girls. I mean there are probably some pretty sketch older girls out there too, but I wouldn’t know about that.

So if a guy that’s older than you, or Greek, tries to start a situationship with you, please run. It just isn’t good news. Even if you don’t care what it is, your name will most likely get out there because he just doesn’t care about you. So just stick to other freshies until you get the hang of things.

7. But Do Try to Make an Older Friend or Two

With that being said, it is a good idea to find some trustworthy upperclassmen, of the same sex as you, to show you the ropes. Honestly, upperclassmen already know the deal and we can tell you stuff that you won’t figure out for another year! Plus, we find all the good parties. Oh and we have great study tips and stuff.

Bonus Tip

Relax! I know it’s easier said than done, but I promise everything will work out alright! Just take some deep breaths, use your brain more often than not, and you’ll have an awesome freshman year of college :)

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8 Must Follow Beauty and Style Pinterest Boards

Pinterest lovers know how easy it is to waste away hours pinning! It can get a little crazy, but it’s hard to stay away from all the awesome inspiration on Pinterest. Here are 8 beauty, style, hair, and nails boards that are worth obsessing over:

Dress This Way

pinterest style board, great style, outfit ideas, pinterest
Dress This Way by Eve Ringers is my absolute favorite style board. She pins the clothes that you dream about wearing, and its’s great inspiration. You can use this board to determine the type of wardrobe you want (which colors, cuts, and fashions appeal the most to you?). You can also use the individual outfits to inspire some dope outfits of your own.

Sex and the City 2

great style, pinterest style board, cute clothes, awesome style, outfit ideas
Sex and the City 2 is a Pinterest group board chronicling the street styles of women in New York, Paris, Milan, and London. So basically all of the fashion capitals in the world. If you can’t make it to any of those places anytime soon, then follow this board to keep up to date!

The Shoe Closet

shoes, awesome shoes, heels, stilettos, louboutins, jeffrey cambells
Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, Manolo Blahniks…you name it! If you love beautiful shoes, The Shoe Closet is the perfect board for you to follow. Most of the shoes on this board are completely unaffordable (unless you’re a CEO or something), but it’s nice to know what you’re working toward, am I right?

Beautifying Me

makeup, beauty, pinterest, beauty products, beauty tips, makeup tips
Beautifying Me by Kendra Jones is my go-to beauty board. If you’re life me, you’ve been obsessed with beauty since you were this little and you can’t go too long without a fix. This board is perfect for that! It has great tips, looks, and product reviews. Between this board and the rest on this list, you won’t know how to look away!

Nail Candy

nail art, beautiful nails, nail polish, nail ideas, easy nail designs, pinterest
If one of your beauty goals for this year is to always have beautiful nails, then follow Nail Candy by Savannah Cottrell, ASAP! She pins great ideas for nail designs plus lots of helpful how to articles and DIYs as well. Love it!

Hair Care

hair care, pinterest, pinterest hair boards, hair, beautiful hair, how to get shiny hair
For those of us who know how important hair truly is, following this board is a must! Hair Care is a group board consisting of super helpful pins about natural hair treatments, hair styles, waxing, and DIY hair care products. My favorite thing about this board is that it has ideas that will apply to any hair type :).

Face and Body

DIY beauty, beauty, Pinterest beauty boards, pinterest
Another beauty gem! Face and Body by Taylor Muckey includes amazing products and tips for both your face and your body. I love this board because it has natural suggestions as well as your typical, industry standard products.

Makeup Talk

makeup artists, makeup looks, face art, makeup artistry, pinterest, pinterest makeup boards
Every once in a while, it’s nice to switch up your beauty routine. Makeup Talk by Makeup Artists meet will help out with this, big time. Everyday looks, night out looks, runway, editorial; this board really has it all! Check it out for a few fresh ideas to try.


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Pretty Little Liars: Season 5 Episode 6 Recap



Is A Really Back??

This episode of Pretty Little Liars, “Run Ali, Run”, begins with the whole gang opening the text A sent them at the end of the last episode. It reads “did you miss me bitches”. So they come to the obvious conclusion that A is alive. Prior to this, Toby ran into his house to make sure no one was in it. Then…his house blows up. But I guess he got out in time because he didn’t die. The police assume that the house blew up because of a natural gas leak, because A always covers his/her tracks. No surprise there!

How Much Longer Can Hanna take Ali Being Back?

Let me tell you, Hanna still is not coping too well. She sees Caleb in the cafe near the beginning of the episode. He tries to convince her to go to the police about A, in light of the whole terrorist attack. She refuses, making the valid point that they have no evidence. Caleb also reveals that he might be leaving…again. Later on, she goes to visit him and they have a little heart to heart, which ends in drinking from a flash. Yeah, I’m seeing an alcohol problem in the near future.

Later, Hanna flakes on another date with Travis. It didn’t take much more than that for him to be done. Later on in the episode, he puts two and two together with Caleb being back and breaks it off with Hanna.


Will Ali Stick Around?

A sends Ali a video of her Mom being buried. The caption is “I buried your mom the same way I watched her bury you”. The girls try to figure out who A is, making no leeway of course. They decide to try following the Bethany Young lead.

Ali wants to leave, but the girls make the valid point that everyone knows shes alive now and the police are watching her. Despite their sound logic, they weren’t able to convince her.

Hanna catches Ali on the phone arranging plans to leave town. She tells her she’ll help her leave. We also find out that Noel Kahn is the one Ali has been talking to.

Emily discovers that Hanna is planning on helping Ali leave and she’s pretty pissed. She feels like the girls won’t be able to protect Ali if she leaves.

What’s Really Up with Ali and Emily?

Emily tries to get Paige to give her the names of Mona’s followers. She is reluctant, but Emily tells her that they may have blown up Toby’s house. But the real reason is that she’s terrified of A trying to kill Ali. It’s not clear whether Paige gives her the names or not, but she finds a dead rat in her locker later. So maybe she did.

Later, Ali is attacked by a hooded figured and is almost choked to death! Thankfully, Emily saves her and nearly finds out who the figure is before they run away. SUSPENSE!

Of course, the girls are outraged by Ali’s attempted murder, and they try to figure out who could have been behind the mask. A interrupts the pow wow with a text saying he/she will kill Ali if she leaves rosewood.

After the girls leave, Emily wants to call the police, but Ali refuses. Emily asks her not to leave Rosewood, as a compromise. Later on, Emily and Ali are alone and Ali asks to stay the night with her. Emily ends up staying awake all night watching her sleep. I’m sensing a slow burning romance between them…


Did Spence’s Dad Murder Mrs. D? Or no?

Spencer runs into her dad when picking up some stuff from her house. She tells her dad why she and her mother left. He claims the reason they weren’t in town is because they were talking at the lake.

Later, Spence goes to Radley to try and grill her favorite orderly. He doesn’t tell her anything, but she does successfully get herself caught on camera.

She orchestrates a meeting between her parents. It seems to be somewhat effective because they show her parents briefly holding hands. But then her mom tell her that they are moving back home, but her Dad is moving out.


Is Aria in too Deep with Ezra?

Spence confronts Aria about her re-involvement with Ezra. She must have made an impact because Aria tells Ezra that the other night was a mistake. In the middle of their conversation, Detective Tanner shows up at Ezra’s door. Of course, she invites herself in. She wants to talk about Shana. Apparently she has figured out that Shana shot him and wants to know if that has anything to do with Shana’s death.

He also receives a creeeepy drawing of a monster trying to devour Mrs. D in her yard , drawn by….Bethany Young.

Aria wants Ezra to tell the police it was Shana who shot her. They are interrupted by the discovery of the clip in which Eddie (Spence’s orderly) left the creepy drawing for Ezra.


Cliffhangers? Of course.

At the end of the Episode, we see Aria in an interview for a volunteer position at Radley. Meanwhile Detective Tanner tracks down Emily and Ali and asks them about where they were on the night of Shana’s death.

Lastly, we see a figure in all black write a note of condolences about Bethany Young, before putting on a veil (female?) and putting the note in an arrangement of flowers. Perhaps, we’re getting just slightly closer to finding out who A is. What do you guys think?


Photo Credit: PNG’s e etc… via photopin cc

A Few of My Favorite Things: Summer Reading List

I absolutely love that song from A Sound of Music. If you haven’t heard it, you should definitely listen to it!

I’ve been a huge reader since I was in the third grade and I fell in love with the Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Warner. I haven’t had as much time to read since I entered college, but I still try to get in at least one book a week, especially during the summer. If you love reading as much as I do, then I know you’re always looking for a great read. Even if you aren’t a huge nerd like me, maybe you want a good summer read! So here is my list of favorites:

Fantasy/Teen Fantasy

1. Fire by Kristin Kashore (I love all of her books, but this is my all time favorite)
3.Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare (Yes, I do love the Mortal Instruments, but these have a special place in my heart <3)
3. The Survivors Series by Amanda Havard
4.Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr


1. Kindred by Octavia Butler
2. The Time Traveller’s Wife (Absolutely Beautiful. Must read. Although it does have some problems, I still loved it.)


1. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor (Not a classic in the really old since, but it will definitely be a classic later)
2. Jane Eyre (This copy is free on Kindle right now!)
3. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (This book is LONG, but it’s lovely)
4. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte


1. Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy by Nora Roberts
2. Nothing Left to Lose By Kirsty Mosely (Currently free on iTunes!)

Photo Credit: ginnerobot via photopin cc

Indie Boutique Spotlight: ARCHVST Online Store

Why Choose Indie Boutiques?

Shopping online boutiques is a great way to diversify your wardrobe and stand out from the crowd. Some of the large retail chains often have cute, but less unique apparel for us to choose from. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix for this!


I found this little gem awhile back, on Instagram , which I feel is a perfect pick to share with you guys.

Ranging from super affordable to not that expensive, ARCHVST has great variety, so that everyone can find something that works for them. As an indie boutique, they don’t have a huge inventory, but they definitely have some awesome choices!

My Favorites

Simply Perfect Maxi Dress

archvst, maxi dress, periwinkle dress, summer dress, day dress

This beauty is the perfect mix between classy and sexy. The periwinkle shade will look awesome on anyone, but they give you the choice of ordering it in black.

periwinkle dress, maxi dress, back out, summer dress

The back is completely out, and there’s a sexy side slit. There are also multiple ways to tie the strings!

Maxi dress, periwinkle, sexy maxi dress, sun dress

You could wear this on a summer date or to brunch with the girls. At $41.00, this really is a great find.

Strings Attached Jumpsuit

indie boutique, archvst, online shopping, black jumpsuit, long jumpsuit, romper, long romper, backless jumpsuit

Another gorgeous backless number, this jumper is perfect for practically anything. Parties, events, dates, shopping, really whatever you want!

ARCHVST strings attached jumpsuit, black jumpsuit, summer outfit, sexy jumpsuit, backless jumpsuit, backless

This is something that you can use for tons of looks, by changing up the makeup, shoes, and accessories. And it’s a great buy, at $49.50!


In addition to their great merchandise, ARCHVST offers free shipping for order under $10 (in the US). However, if you just want that adorable belt or some eyelashes, standard shipping is only $1.95 in the US and $6.95 or $8.95 internationally.

Aspiring Business Owners, Listen Up!

ARCHVST has a series of videos on How to Start an Online Fashion Business. This advice is coming straight from Sandy Manu, CEO and Founder of ARCVST LLC. Check out that series if you want to gain some knowledge from this successful, powerful woman and her team!

Contacting ARCHVST

Check out their website here: ARCHVST
Follow them on Instagram for wardrobe inspiration: ARCHVST’s Instagram
Email them:

Outfit Recreations for Pretty Little Liars Episode 5×5

In love with the Pretty Little Liars outfits from Season 5, Episode 5?

Here are some close recreations!

I was able to find almost the exact outfit that Ali wore on her first day back to school. This is a style that would be perfect for a fancy dinner, a date, or even a party(without the jacket). The blazer, dress, and shoes are the exact ones that she wore:

Alison's Outfit Recreation: Pretty Little Liars S5E5

Aria’s featured outfit was little bit harder, but this is very similar. I like this outfit for a shopping trip or a lunch date with your friends:

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 5 Aria's Outfit Recreation

Emily sported a casual look for most of the episode. This is something that would be great for class or running errands. It looks really comfortable:

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 5: Emily's Outfit Recreation

Lastly, I thought new girl, Sydney, was super cute in the get up she wore for most of the episode. It’s very casual, but a little cutesy! Here’s my recreation:

Pretty Little Liars S5E5 Outfit Recreation: Sydney

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Pretty Little Liars: Season 5 Episode 5 Recap



What is Ali up to now?

On this episode of Pretty Little Liars, Ali is readjusting to life in Rosewood. The town is apprehensive, at best, about Alison’s return and Mona is still gathering a faction against her. At the beginning of the episode, Aria and Fritz catch Alison in a secret meeting with someone. This leaves us to wonder, what tricks does Alison have up her sleeves now?

Later on, after Emily leaves her to meet up with Paige and Sydney, Ali rushes to the church. There, she runs into Mona. Mona’s confidence is at an all time high, as she threatens Ali with proof she was in New York the night Shana died. She desperately wants her to leave town. Ali returns gives a threat of her own, saying she’s made her a loser once and she can do it again. Mona explodes, slapping Ali in the face. But Ali does her one better and draws blood with her slap. Unfortunately, Ali decides to lie about it when the girls ask her what happened, and that definitely bites her in the butt later.

Spencer is Off Drugs Now… Right?

Yes, she is, but she’s just as intense as ever. Spencer is concerned about her father’s involvement in Mrs. DiLaurentis’ death, as she should be. She gets called to the office at school and learns that her Mom is planning on leaving her Dad, and she’s taking Spence with her.

Mrs. Hastings reveals that she knows her Dad may have killed Ali’s Mom, because she had an investigator follow him and Melissa. The investigator discovered that they weren’t where they said they were gonna be on the night of Mrs. DiLaurentis’ death. She also drops an interesting hint about how she and Spence’s Dad had an understanding and they had hoped to protect Spencer from everything they were involved in, though she didn’t say what that was.

Also in this episode, Spence uses her super research skills to find out that Mona “blue snarfed” the girls, which is how she knew they were in New York the night Shana was murdered. All I could picture when she said this was Mona viciously throwing little blue Smurfs at the girls, laughing maniacly. Apparently, “blue snarfing” is some sort of satellite tracking program, I think.


Is Jenna Finally Done with Her Scheming Ways?

Jenna is back, again, and she’s distraught over Shana’s death. Not surprisingly, she calls Toby first. Feeling bad for her, he goes running. Aria plans to visit Jenna, in an attempt to make ammends for killing Shana. She walks in, cue cinematic music (I honestly thought she was gonna find a dead body), and Jenna is on the floor crying. She calls out, asking if anyone is there. Aria then loses her nerve and backs away slowly.

Later, she shows up at Aria’s house, saying she knew that it was her in her room. Toward the end of the episode, we’ll see that Jenna may not be quite as devastated as she appears.

When Will the “Pretty Little Liars” be Diagnosed with PTSD?”

Hanna is having some real trouble adjusting to Ali’s reappearance in her life. She’s gone back to her coping habit of shoplifting, and she’s also developed another risky habit. Caleb is back, cryptic as ever, refusing to tell Hanna anything at all when he sees her in the coffee shop. This only makes her more upset, and she goes out and gets drunk that night.

Meanwhile, Aria is obsessed with the video of Shana’s funeral, watching it over and over again. She’s venting to Ezra and spending quite a bit of time with him. This leads to another risky behavior (in my humble opinion)…

Who’s Kissing Who?

There seems to be a burgeoning romance between Emily and Sydney. Which is fine, I guess, but am I the only one who always thinks new characters are gonna be evil agents of A? Oh yeah *smacks head*…A is dead. Maybe. Also, Ali finally admits that she has feelings for Emily. She says that the kisses they shared before she disappeared weren’t just for practice and that she’s liked her all along. Emily seems wary of this admission, at first. But she must have warmed up to the idea, because later Emily and Alison share a kiss in Emily’s bed.

While Em and Ali are kissing, big surprise, Aria and Ezra get back together. They seal the deal with a slightly steamy sex scene. Tell me, do you all feel that Aria and Ezra are still a good match, after everything he did?

What New Plots are Afoot?

Mona gains the upper hand when she shows the whole school a video of Ali slapping her, editing it to seem as if it was all unprovoked.
This places a huge rift in Em and Ali’s growing bond. Alison tries to defend herself, but Emily just doesn’t believe her.

Of course, toward the end of the episode, we discover that the new girl(Sydney) is in cohorts with Jenna and Mona. I knew we couldn’t trust her! Or Jenna. But im betting Sydney will have an in with Emily, now that she is distrustful of Ali once again.

Just How Many Bombs Were Dropped in this Episode?

Breaking news! A press conference is broadcast, telling Rosewood that Bethany Young was the girl burried in Ali’s grave. Following this bomb dropping, an actual bomb goes off, seemingly destroying half the subdivision. When the girls go outside to survey the damage, all of their phones go off at the same time…then we cut to a familiar scene of a masked figure in a black hoody, doing dastardly deeds. And the preview for the next episode reveals that, of course, A is back.

Seriously, who do you guys think A is?
Photo Credit: zennie62 via photopin cc

Hit the Floor: Raquel Outfit Recreation

I really thought the outfit Raquel wore to her lunch date with Jude was adorable, so I wanted to post this recreation of it. Unfortunately the items that most closely match her outfit were a bit expensive, so I made two versions.

Hit the Floor S2E7: Raquel Outfit Creation

This is really an adorable outfit to wear if you’re going for more of a reserved, super classy look. I would probably wear this to a lunch or dinner with my boyfriend and his parents. Or I would even wear this to church.

Raquel's Lunch Date


Not only is this style less expensive, it is also more of a first date outfit. You want to look sexy, but not too sexy (at least if you’re really interested in this person!), so this is perfect. Cutesy, but with a little sex appeal.

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Hit the Floor: Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Outfits


Jelena Outfit Recreation

Jelena is, hands down, my favorite dresser in the show. Here is one of her outfit recreations (plus a little extra):

Jelena Howard Outfit S2E7, Hit the Floor

Vince camuto top

Mavi low jeans
$120 -

Stiletto pumps
$51 -

Silver filigree earrings
$14 -

Mac cosmetics makeup

Alternate Sources + Prices:

Vince Camuto Embellished Collar Top $48
Mavi SERENA Slim Fit Jeans $120
Patsy Platform Party Stiletto $46
Just a Little Lucy Silver Chain Earrings $14
Lucky Brand Open Work Tribal Cuff $36
Dior ‘Pure Poison’ Eau de Parfum Spray
Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Collection $36
Maleficent Lipstick $17.50

Now for the Recap…

Did Ahsha Hayes Dump Derek Roman?

I’ll give you the long answer. This episode of Hit the Floor begins with Ahsha (up and coming Devil Girl) getting booked in the police department. The last episode ended with her and Derek being stopped by the police, right after he throws his COCAINE in her purse. Can you say deal breaker? Of course, she’s super mad at him and she ignores him for several days. Derek bombards Ahsha with request to talk about his massive flub up, but Ahsha is more concerned with plotting revenge against Jelena.

Is Jelena’s Icy Heart Melting?

I’m starting to believe it is. But then again, I’m a romantic and I can’t help rooting for her and Terrance. In this episode, Jelena and Terrance meet with his long time friend and find out that he has a degenerative condition, causing him to lose his memory. Later in the episode, they have another get together. It becomes obvious that Terrance’s old friend is truly and sadly confused. He thinks that Jelena and Terrance never broke up and that they actually are married now. Jelena shows a rare stroke of true kindness when she puts Terrance’s friend’s mind at ease, telling him a lovely story about Jelena and Terrance’s successful married life, two sons, and a house. The scene ends with Jelena and Terrance slow dancing, and Terrance breaking away after becoming too emotional.

Later, Jelena is walking her car at the Devil’s Arena and Zero appears out of the darkness. He appears to be jealous over Terrance and makes a case for him and Jelena to be together, saying he sees her for who she is (and he likes it), he calls her the ultimate trophy in LA. Zero also says he can give her everything she’s ever wanted. But it wasn’t in a sweet way, at all, it sounded more like a deal with the devil. Which makes me wonder…just how far will Zero go for success?

How Far Has Pete Davenport Slid?

At the beginning this episode, Pete is recovering from a drunken night after the roast (from the last episode). German and Ahsha spend the day nursing his hangover. As thanks, Pete tells German he can tag along at a prestigious coaches dinner. Pete doesn’t make the coaches dinner. Instead, he gets drunk and has sex with Lionel. Yeah, he’s fallen WAY off the wagon.

Is Derek Roman a Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Honestly, I think so. I kind of like Derek better than German, but he needs to completely clean his act up if he wants to be with Ahsha. In the end of this episode, Ahsha asks Derek if his cocaine snorting (sniffing? smoking?) is the beginning of a problem or the end. Of course, he tells her it’s the end. Also, in this episode, a barista recognizes Derek roman, having seen him with Olivia before she died. The writers are slowly showing us that Derek is somehow twisted up in this Oscar/Olivia’s Death conspiracy. Acting super guiltily, he hurries out of the coffee shop, denying that he was ever there with Olivia. I just do not know about this guy. What do you all think?

How Much Damage Did Jelena Do Last Episode?

Well, she definitely got a good hit in. Sloane is freaking out about her picture having been posted online and Raquel is attempting to console her. Sloane skips work for a day or two and Ahsha encourages her mom to fight Jelena back, instead of giving up. Also, while Sloane is gone, Jelena undermines one of her decisions and makes a deal with a sleazy millionaire that Sloane has been avoiding. However, Raquel goes on a date with Jude(Oscar’s son) and gets the number to his burner phone, and gives it to Sloane. She has Michael (Jason George) look up all of the in-going and outgoing calls for the number.

So by the end of the episode, Sloane is making some headway against Oscar and she’s feeling a little more chipper. Does anyone else think that her and Micheal will end up together? Because I’m sensing an opportunity for him to make another appearance. Michael discovers that Raquel called Olivia 15 times on the day that she died. When Sloane asks her about it, Raquel tells her that Olivia knew she was an illegal alien. She assures her that she is 100% down for defeating Oscar. Of course, Jude overhears them plotting about this. The episode ends with him confronting them. So, I guess next time, we’ll find out just how much he cares about his dear daddy.

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